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But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man - for precisely the same reasons. Copyright EarthTrust, Hawaii.

Mirror image processing in three marine mammal species: Please also see Dr. An analagous ethical case could be made for interacting with captive dolphins, IF it could be done entirely within the context of improving their life-quality, and never stray from that.

It was a significant departure from other research, before or since.

Project Delphis : Earthtrust's dolphin behavior and cognition research program.

Bydue to the Delphis research, it was clear that it had evolved from scratch at least twice, in beings evolutionarily separated by over 60 million years. Build a lab dedicated to these goals, and get the world involved.

There may be a Copernican-level reframing of the default human worldview hiding in there somewhere. The dolphins themselves determined the research directions in very real ways.

If your downtown were to burn to the ground in a great conflagration, you could probably call it a holocaust even if no one died. This keeps compiling quick because the IDE doesn't have to search through every directory for even the smallest app. Available for purchase from Publisher.

As I said, you can check your code out anywhere and it will still compile. It would be a condition of any news or documentary interviews given that the kills of dolphins also had to be mentioned in context with the happy and interesting imagery. The campaign culminated in at the United Nations, where Earthtrust was challenged directly by Japan- which had created its own video productions and briefing documents.

Extensive treatment has also been carried in the international science journal Consciousness and Cognition Volume 4, Number 2, June Initially, it helped shape public opinion against the practice, labeling driftnetting as "strip-mining the seas" and calling the nets "walls of death. That lab functioned until latebuilding up a huge archive of recorded data and preparing the Delphis program for its next steps.

Earthtrust continued the project for several years, leading to a proliferation of labs, NGO's and nations adopting its protocols. The data indicated the widespread availability of meat from many types of "protected" whale, including humpback and fin whales, as well as many samples of dolphin meat falsely sold as "whale".

It is perhaps worth taking a step back and remarking on this, as a slight digression from this narrative. For instance, by White and Marten had set up everything necessary to allow computer-using dolphins to interact in realtime over the internet with students in schools around the world — including nations conducting high dolphin kills.

The Delphis Story. The Delphis project wound up bringing the world’s leading dolphin scientists together with the world’s leading conservation advocates, and along the way involved astronauts, futurists, celebrities, and techno-pioneers.

Methods. The results reported here are from phase I of a larger research project designed to examine the cost-effectiveness of infection prevention and control practice (Prevention of Nosocomial Infection and Cost Effectiveness Analysis, National Institutes of Health, R01NR).


Welcome to Delphis Technical Support & Solutions, LLC. Some of Our Favorite Projects - Navigation and Technical Operations support for San Juan Island/ Lopez Island (WA) Cable Laying Project. Delphis Project Management solutions treats every HVAC and Refrigeration project as a unique challenge.

Built around strong, multitasking teams, we empower our people to bring teams together and help organizations reach goals. Welcome to Delphis Technical Support & Solutions, LLC. 69th DR SE, Snohomish, WAus |. project delphis an organization called earthtrust started project delphis in to determine how intelligent and self-conscious dolphins actually are.

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Project delphis
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Project Delphis