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At 50 yards, things open up just a bit, but many of the holes are still touching and no doubt some of the spread is due to a rather wide front blade. As we all know, the gun rack such as this one will be lightweight and strong at the same time.

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Gun Reviews

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But, the gun maker has upped its game to the next level with introduction of a full bug-out ready Survival Pack.

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Redford and an exceptionally fine supporting cast create a sophisticated, grown-up tale of whimsy and romance. Yes this may have been a true story, yet 90%.

Review: Glock Gen 5 G19 by James Tarr 0 If you just want to buy a Glock that is ready to go right out of the box, the Gen 5 with its improved trigger pull, integral mag well, and AmeriGlo Bold sights is the closest thing to perfection Glock has ever made.

Gun Review: Korth Mongoose Magnum This high-end revolver from Nighthawk Custom is the Lamborghini of wheelguns, and it shoots like one too. By Brian McCombie posted Aug 27th, Gun Reviews. Here at The Truth About Guns, we have published roughly reviews.

That's a lot to thumb through one at a time. We've built this system to make browsing all those reviews much easier. You can see them all, sort by our rating of the gun, list by manufacturer, and even drill down to only a specific type of firearm.

Don’t forget to sign up! Get the Top Stories from Guns & Ammo Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week. reviews section has more than a thousand reviews and features a new gun every Wednesday. reviews section has more than a thousand reviews and features a new gun every Wednesday.

The Old Man & the Gun Gun review
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