Brand loyalty of customers towards bharti airtel

Airtel Uganda celebrates 10 million customers, promises to invest in improving QoS

Bharti Airtel was founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal in the year Airtel provides both voice and data service to its customers. In other words there is a association between the monthly income and monthly expenditure over internet.

Bill payment, My Plan, Roaming plans, other special offers etc. Since this is a service marketing brand, here are the other three Ps to make it the 7Ps marketing mix of Airtel. Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Md. This paper also attempts to understand the brand awareness, competitive strength of the company and problems faced by the customer, which helps the company to take appropriate measures to solve the problems.

The people strategy in the marketing mix of Airtel focuses on hiring the right talent, training them and rewarding them. Airtel is an established and well known brand in telecom sector.

This transparent policy allows customer to check network strength and coverage and report any issue easily. The pricing strategies of all telecom companies are monitored by Telecom Regulation Authority of India to ensure fair prices are being charged to all customers.

Some of the products offered are 4G homes internet service, broadband internet connection, Dongels and routers for 4G and 3G services. Airtel pricing strategies in broadband segment is also of very low cost and attracts huge customer base to avail affordable plans. The people not aware of the products offered by Airtel.

Bharti Airtel Plans to Bring DTH, Broadband and Postpaid Services Under One Bill

Thirty four percent of the respondents are using between MB to 1GB. As far as monthly income was concerned, out of respondents majority of the respondents 62 have the monthly income of more than Rs. The calculated chi square value is 32 which are greater than the table value Thank your lucky stars, the Bharti Airtel guys have some up with it.

Airtel provides variety of Information and communication Technology services like data centre, network integration, tower infrastructure service to other business, government and carrier customers.

Lastly is an idea that really knocked our socks off: Airtel provides a wide variety of services in the field of telecom. Create will allow the customers to design their own solutions digitally.

Airtel sells its service through distributers and retailers, which form the basis of place strategy in the marketing mix of Airtel. It also acts as a carrier for national and international long distance communication services.

His findings were sixty eight percent people are aware of Airtel broadband. The outcomes of this survey can be used by the AIRTEL, for understanding the preference level of customers in respect to Broadband connection and offer better services to their customers to increase their market share and Brand Image.

Total number of Bharti Airtel Limited customers in India FY 2013-FY 2017

Hence the promotion strategy in the marketing mix of Airtel is extremely comprehensive i. With the first humble brag of the press release, the Airtel team has spent what we can only imagine was a thrilling hours watching customers, in a not creepy fashion whatsoever, mapping traffic flows within the stores.

As of May,we added 15 additional sites in phase two of the project. There was even more cause to celebrate this year as Bharti Airtel became the third largest mobile operator in the world; something which Dina was proud to be a part of. Airtel mobile service can be classified into: Airtel Seychelles has been at the forefront of innovation, first to launch prepaid services, 3G, 3.

Half of the respondents are using postpaid plans and remaining half of the respondents are using prepaid tariff plans. Hence, despite regulation, the most important aspect in the pricing strategy in the marketing mix of Airtel is based on competitive pricing strategy.

Airtel TV provides over HD channels with superior picture quality. Those subscribed to Airtel Premier receive priority treatment from the Company and have access to the latest and greatest services. It represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings us and our customers closer.

Airtel promotes itself as a learning organization where all employees follow a learning development plan based on their career aspiration. Currently Airtel has got the largest customer base in India crossing over million.

Customers will be able to see real-time notifications of services and self-care, instead of having to wait for their bill to be notified of extra charges etc. Airtel has also got a good presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Let us start the Airtel Marketing Mix: Airtel invests heavily in the training and development of the skills of its employees. At least bored partners will have somewhere to go when dragged along on shopping trips. At each of these moments, our aspiration is to eliminate customer frustration and make the experience better via digital innovation.

Aug 02,  · Bharti Airtel, a leading emerging market telecom services provider, today announced the appointment of Andre Beyers as the Chief Marketing Officer for. customers, companies flooded the market with latest models, new features and latest technology.

To position their brands in the brand, Airtel, in the Delhi market, Bharti was confident of a triumphant journey.

Contradictory to its aspirations, this early Brands and Branding. brand. Airtel customers are free to evaluate the services and then can carry on or switch to a different brand using number portability.

Airtel focuses on delivering optimal services without loss of quality through their commitment towards its customers.

Airtel Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

On behalf of the Airtel family, I would like to thank our Customers, the Government, Regulator as well as partners for their loyalty and contribution to the growth of the Airtel brand over the years.

Padma K. JHA () conducted “A study on consumer behavior of Airtel broadband services” the main objectives were to analyse the satisfaction level of customers towards Airtel broadband services and to find out the consumer awareness. Bharti, Airtel, Reliance and BSNL have lost revenue Chanderi adn Holbrook found that brand trust is directly related to loyalty and purchase.

It is that factor research is conducting to find the loyalty of the customers towards BSNL and factors which are affecting the customer’s loyalty.

Brand loyalty of customers towards bharti airtel
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Bharti Airtel Plans to Bring DTH, Broadband and Postpaid Services Under One Bill